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The German Hydrographic Consultancy Pool w.V., its members and their partners produce and distribute a broad range of products and equipment for hydrographic surveys and affiliated work, e.g.:

Instrumentation and Measurement Systems

Members of GHyCoP produce, distribute and/or integrate almost the entire range of hydrographic, geological, geophysical and oceanographic instrumentation as well as other marine technology and survey equipment. This includes:

  • Single- and multi-beam echosounders Hydrosweep
  • Sonar systems and other hydroacoustic instruments for bottom and sub-bottom investigations (landers, OBS, boomers, sparkers, seismic equipment)
  • Systems and platforms for underwater inspection (ROV, AUV, diving systems)
  • Sampling equipment for water and sediments
  • Surface and underwater positioning equipment
  • oceanographic equipment (e.g. probes, current meters, gauges)
  • specialised and designed-to-customer instrumentation and equipment
  • monitoring equipment and combined / integrated systems

Ships and deck equipment

  • Survey, research, and work ships and boats
  • Winches and handling systems (e.g. conventional drum winches, traction winches, specialised cranes, heave and motion compensators, A-frames)

Information and control systems

  • Vessel traffic systems for marine and inland waters
  • Operational forecast and warning models
  • Marine and inland water information systems

Software for data evaluation

  • GHyCoP members offer a wide range of software for acquisition, processing and evaluation of hydrographic and other earth observation data. This includes both standard programs and customer specified software packages.

Training and education

  • Documentation, courses and applications for education and training
  • Simulators

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