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The German Hydrographic Consultancy Pool w.V. (GHyCoP) is a public-private-partnership (PPP) and Economic Association composed from the industrial, state and research sectors in Germany. Its objectives are to address in most flexible way a wide range of products and services related to or based on hydrography, such as:

  • Expert advice and support
  • Scientific investigations and marine research
  • Provision of hydrographic surveys and related services
  • Geodata services
  • Provision of equipment
  • Equipment and instrumentation supply
  • Implementation of procedures
  • Education and training


  • EEZ claims (UNCLOS Art.76 claims)
  • Ensuring safety and efficiency of navigation
  • Off-shore activities, e.g. laying pipelines or cables
  • Coastal protection and management
  • Establishment, enhancement, and modernisation of hydrographic services services (e.g. complying with SOLAS V/ Reg. 9)
  • Research and survey vessels

We understand hydrography:
In its widest sense, hydrography comprises applied oceanography, marine biology, chemistry, geology, geophysics, and geodesy. In short: the science and technology needed to acquire the necessary information for sustainable management, development, protection, and use of marine and coastal environments.

  GHyCoP - German Hydrographic Consultancy Pool w.V.
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