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Members and Partners of the German Hydrographic Consultancy Pool w.V cover the entire scope of services and expertise in hydrography and affiliated subjects. This includes but not necessarily limits to e.g.:

Hydrographic surveys

Planning and conduction of surveys, measurement campaigns and research cruises as for instance:

  • Complete surveys in the scope and range of EEZ / UNCLOS requirements (e.g. bathymetry, geophysics, sediment determination of shelf edges)
  • Baseline data acquisition by tailored measurement campaigns, surveys and research cruises Elac-DTM
  • Surveys for offshore windfarms, exploration of offshore resources, cable and pipe laying, soil properties and foundations, wreck and ammunition search
  • Hydrographic, oceanographic, geophysical, geological and bio-geochemical and ecological surveys and investigations
  • Installation and operation of measurement and monitoring networks for long-tem observation
  • Water end sediment sampling and analyses
  • Precise positioning and navigation services (above and underwater)
  • Underwater inspections and work (ROV, AUV, diving)
  • Provision of supervisors and client representatives

Supply, specification, design, construction and manufacturing services

  • Supply of optimum, task-related modern equipment and instrumentation
  • Provision of surveyors, scientists and experts in project-tailored teams
  • Charter and fitting of survey, research and work vessels
  • Specifications, concepts, planning, design and construction of survey and research vessels
  • Specifications, development, planning, design and construction of measurement equipment and specialised instrumentation

Data processing and evaluation

  • Processing and evaluation of geo- and earth observation data
  • Mapping, charting and digital terrain modelling
  • Data management, data mining), data assimilation and integration

Simulation and Modelling

  • Numerical modelling of currents, water levels, transport processes and dispersion of substances
  • Hydrophysical, hydrodynamic, hydrological and ecosystem modelling
  • System simulation of natural aquatic environments and ecosystems

Software development and information technology services

  • Adaptation and development of hydrographic software and affiliated application (e.g. databases, data validation and visualisation tools)
  • Client specified software and information technology developments

Consultancy and Studies

  • Consulting for maritime and inland water transport, port operations, cargo handling and regarding waterborne transport safety and security
  • Support and advice in Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
  • Support and consultancy for implementation of policies, rules, regulations, standards and related operation procedures
  • Consultancy and support for protection, sustainable development Band use of offshore areas (EEZ), marginal seas, coastal zones and inland waters
  • Environmental impact assessment, risk and sensitivity studies and analysis
  • Development of system specifications and tender documents
  • Management, control and supervision of large projects
  • Studies as well as corporate and contracted applied and basic research throughout and across hydrography, oceanography, hydrogeophysics, hydrogeology, hydrochemistry, hydrobiology, fisheries and ecosystem studies
  • Consultancy services for governmental agencies and administrations, institutional strengthening and capacity building

Education and Training

  • Conduction of training and specialised study courses, summer schools, on job training and other task-specific training and education courses.
  • Development of training and education material and courses.

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